New Licence Awarded

Following our recent inspection by Erewash Borough Council we have received our licence renewal for the next 2 years.

As we have stated before its a complex process but we were acknowledged to have made significant improvements and achieved the higher standards for the dog boarding kennels to support a 5 star rating.

We have decommissioned our ‘Family Kennels’ for now and looking to rebuild to the same & higher specification as the main kennels – this does mean we will have fewer extra large kennels for 2022 at least.

Our cattery met all the required minimum standards and we have chosen to reduce our capacity by closing our chalet cattery to boarding cats as this building is in need of some significant work.

Because the cattery does not meet the higher standards we were only able to achieve a 3 star rating.

So, overall, we receive a rating to the lowest rating of the two, hence our 3 star rating for the next 2 years.

As always, come and have a look around with no obligation to see the improvements and ask any questions.

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